Migrating to another Splynx server


I am setting up another server as my current Amazon free tier has expired.

I am setting up another free tier and want to migrate to splynx in that server.

Kindly please let me know if there is a simple way to do it.

Thanks and regards,



on new server:
install clear splynx
make copy of /var/www/splynx to /var/www/splynx_new

on old server:
make backup (/var/www/splynx/system/backup/backup --full=true
copy all from old server /var/www/splynx to new server /var/www/splynx

on new server:
cd /var/www/splynx/system/backup/mysql
get last file with -full.sql.gz
unarchive it
mysql -u root -p splynx < last file -full.sql (unarchived)

enter mysql root password

and if all fine you receive restored database
than you need to copy new mysql config file
from /var/www/splynx_new/config/mysql.php to /var/www/splynx/config/mysql.php

run: dpkg-reconfigure splynx

Since Splynx version 2.0 /var/www/splynx/system/backup/backup --full=true makes 3 files in /var/www/splynx/system/backup/mysql/ folder instead of one.
For example:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root   18093 Mar 26 20:51 2018-03-26-20-backup-1-structure.sql.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root   32038 Mar 26 20:51 2018-03-26-20-backup-2-critical.sql.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root    3856 Mar 26 20:51 2018-03-26-20-backup-3-non-critical.sql.gz

So, you need to restore all of them (structure, critical, non-critical)

Please, don’t change sequence! Should be “structure” then “critical” and last “non-critical”!