Migrate Splynx to new Server

Hello, I’m trying to migrate my splynx installation to a new server… I’m changing my Hypervisor from Xen to ProxMox and I’m having trouble with the VM getting corrupted when I try to copy it over. So I decided to follow the process on this forum posting: Migrating to another Splynx server.

I can successfully move my splynx installation over there, but none of the addons work (even the FCC export addon doesn’t work). Is there a step I missed? I can even set the new server up with the same IP address, so I know it’s got proper DNS mapping. :frowning:

Any guidance would be great. I tried it by first installing just splynx, then copying the “splynx” folder over to /var/www/ and then installing the addons, and then on this second try, I installed splynx, and all my addons on the fresh system, then copied over /var/www/splynx to the new server.

@Nikolay, please describe how to reinstall/move addons on new server from old server

Hi Matthew,

if you correctly migrated, then you should copy addons folder from old server to the new and install addons again like:

apt install splynx-addon-name