IPv6 allocations added to simple queues


I logged this as a ticket to Splynx, and was asked by @alexcherry to post it to the forum so that others can benefit from the response.

We are using DHCP for client authentication, so we also use Simple Queue Trees via Splynx and the Mikrotik API which targets the customer static IPv4 address.

I have created a custom field for customer static IPv6 allocation in Splynx, however that network is not included in the Simple Queue Tree entries that are created via API.

Can you please advise how we can capture the IPv6 traffic for addresses allocated to customers within the same queues as the IPv4 traffic? We need to take into account that some customers may not have an IPv6 allocation yet, and we do not want things to break if the value is missing.


Hi Philip, we don’t have support of IPv6 for API queues. Splynx doesn’t support IPv6 natively yet.
IPv6 is supported for PPPoE and works with dynamic queues that are created via Radius (because limited is PPPoE session including all IPv4 and IPv6 inside).

This is what I can tell to this issue now. IPv6 is in development plan for 2018

IPv6 networks and Pools

Hi Alex.

Thanks for the response. This is disappointing.

As an alternative, would it be possible for us to create a new custom field in Splynx to specify the customer interface name, and have the queue target that instead? I suspect this may put less load on the router too, as I think it takes less processing to check which interface traffic is egressing rather than checking the packet headers for every packet across the entire device.



@alexcherry do you have any updates on this? Perhaps a rough timeframe?

We are testing CGNAT implementations to deal with the IPv4 shortage, but don’t want to put customers on CGNAT until we have IPv6 dual stack available so that they have non-NAT connections to at least large service providers such as Google, Netflix, Microsoft, etc. At the moment, queues are the main issue we have preventing IPv6 from being rolled out effectively.