IPv6 networks and Pools

I see there is support for IPv6 and adding prefixes to customers via Radius and the additional feild but is there going to be a IPv6 Network Pool Function like the IPv4?? It would be handy if you could add your whole range e.g /32 and then break it down the same way you can with the IPv4 and allocate somes IP to Network devices and other smaller prefixes e.g /64 for end users and then add them as an option for customer that want it etc

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Hi Nigel, yep we have it in development plan for 2017.
The challenge i convert it to binary and store in DB. Developers know how to do it, they are just busy now with other things

Hi Alex

Thanks for the quick reply. This feature has helped to sway our decision towards your product over the others we are looking at. It is good to see a company that listens to suggestions and is actively working on things to improve the product.



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Hi, any update on this?

Hi, still nothing on IPv6 update. We don’t have strong support/many requirements for IPv6 from our customers, that’s why it’s still in low priority.

If that is the case, then add my vote to get it implemented. We don’t push on IPv6 because it is not in splynx in handy way to manage yet.

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Also from ITeeCo our vote! We need IPv6 asap because we are running out of IPv4 space end 2018.


we could start by adding support for DHCPv6-PD via Mikrotik PPPoE.
Works well via Radius Attributes.
This would allow operators to use PPPoE tunnels to customers to run Dualstack.
The Prefixes would then be managed by Splynx.
I do this already for a customer - but manage the Prefixes manually.


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+1 from me - this is becoming a critical requirement for us. I posted this earlier this year:

Delegated-IPv6-Prefix - IPv6 Prefix. Added in v6.43
Delegated-IPv6-Prefix-Pool - IPv6 Prefix pool used for Prefix Delegation. Added in v6.43

We use phpipam (https://phpipam.net/).

It is a great little program, and with a little customization we added it into Splynx as a module, so we just select a /64 or /56 when we create a client.

This takes care of 90% of the issues, as now we can see our clients IPv4 and IPv6 details from Splynx, and the only caveat at the moment is that we still have to set up the address manually on most routers.

So I hope to see Splynx adding full support soon.

Hi ShaunT,

I need to see how to integrate the phpipam with Splynx.

Please can you share on how you did the integration?



In Splynx add PHPIPAM as a module.

Then I used https://github.com/phpipam/phpipam-api-clients/tree/master/php-client to link to the module.

So the module activates a pop up to a custom build Front end that is connected with the api-client, then I just generate the subnet I need, copy and Paste.


Is this assignable yet? If not, I need to start looking at other solutions. I want to deploy IPv6.

Another year passed. Any update on this subject. Last week RIPE annouced runout of IPv4. I believe it is getting to higher priority now.

All job on IPv6 full support done,
currently on our internal testing.

Will be available on next Splynx release beginning of February 2020.

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