Discount for Advance Payment on Internet Tariff Plan

Hi Everyone,

It will be good if Splynx also add Discount options (like: Customers / Service / Discount on Tariff plans / Internet for advance payment with Pay period, Discount % or Discount Amount with multiple field.

default price of 1 month period is 50$
Discount for 3 month 5% or 2.5%
Discount for 6 month 10% or 5$
Discount for 12 month 20% or 10$



Please add your vote here Loyalty or Reward Points we need numbers for this to be implemented by the dev team.

I Support this feature

@wenses_rotich and anyone wishing to vote for this feature please add your vote under this link : Loyalty or Reward Points

The topic was initiated there and we need more votes under that link. Topic “Loyalty or reward points.”