Loyalty or Reward Points

I am looking forward to having a module that will enable customers to gain points when they:
pay within a specific date window OR
pay consistently for a specific period OR
receive during ad-hoc bonus seasons
These points will then add up after a while and given back to clients in-terms of more bandwidth or more days or months of rewards.
Customers can view rewards and be able to chose what rewards they want back.


Interesting feature, we will wait if anyone else will vote for it

Great feature +10 vote

Great feature +10 vote

Great feature +10 vote

muy buena , ya que ayudaria a tener mas clientes.
aqui hay empresas que lo hacen con promociones . por ejenplo . 6 meses .
a determinado precio , luego a precio de lista.
yo voto que si!!!
que se integre.

i also want this feature

Great feature, +10 vote!

I vote for this too

Great feature, +10 vote!

Great feature +10 vote

@alexcherry i hope our votes on this are sufficient to consider this…

i vote for this as well

I think the idea is very nice, we need to think about how exactly it should work and how to add it to the product. Do you know where it’s already implemented ?

I think loyalty reward can be extra free days after they finish their prepaid balance or extra GB for loyal subscribers.

@alexcherry Yes, Hai Kenya (hai.co.ke) Department under Liquid Telecom are doing loyalty points. For every moth you pay for the service, you get 1 Point. When you hit 11 Points you get 1 Month free. Zuku Kenya Under Wananchi Telecom Home based kenyan ISp gives a Free month if you pay 12 Months upfront.

Interesting Concept.

In our Hosting / Data-Center Business we allow our customers to add their Amazon Wish List link.
Should they pass us enough business we pick something and send it to them.

I really do like this idea however. . .

I vote for this features

I vote for this feature, improves customer loyalty

yo tambien voto por esta caracteristica