Change Login sequence



i want new client Login sequence start from specific number Like 100100
how i can do it ?



Splynx / Main / Customers

Login pattern: - {next|6}

than add first customer: and set login to 100100
next customers login will be automatic 100101, 100102,100103…


i try this but not work


Just tested on demo -

and it works well.


Hi, it works perfect:

I just tested it too.
You have wrong pattern !!! It should be {next|6} but not 100100 as you have. Look at screen again:


Its work thank you


How i change the ID


Hi Alvin,
you can’t change ID, it’s counters of database


But i need to change it i can change one user in the db and i will be the same count of the user!


if there are no another way, you can do it using MySQL in linux or install splynx-adminer


how i run adminer when i install ?


apt-get install splynx-adminer
Main menu -> Config -> Tools -> Adminer


Thanks sir it work for me!!! that i cant make work is the API directcan help me wih that ?


I guess, you say about this post - Hi API Problem Urgent
please, paste into that post - your code and write a question