Hi API Problem Urgent

Hi when i try to point this http://crm.ibss.com.do/api/1.0/admin/customers/customer/1 on my service i dint receive a good response i think i ned to add the api folder or what ?



and may be some example : https://splynx.com/wiki/?wikipage=API#PHP_Api_example

Sir did you have skype ?

Hi i run my api like this


@Alvin_Nunez Hope you are well, I have been assisted by the dev staffs and other users too. I would wish to extend the same i have received. May i know what you wish to archive with the API?

Hi Erick, i want to create a second app for my tech where i generated the order for procced to install my customer like this

Hook for send the new order to the installation system, and then create a new ticket in the other system
API for when the Installation was COMPLETED send a API Change to my system like

where customer x change status to active

my system dint work as i see i cant put it as the private api test

in my server this return as null