Aggregation on Tariffs

Hello Team,

I am trying to figure out what the ‘Aggregation’ Setting on the Tariff Tab actually does.
On the Mikrotik Queue setup, nothing changes whether something is set or not.

Principally it should set the CIR to 1/4 th of the MIR?
But thats already done with the ‘Guaranteed Speed Limit’ (which works)


Did you read ?

Yes I did - And I think I understood the idea (am a MTCINE).
Please see my next Article, I think this is related.

looks like that:

I do not understand! The aggression only works when it is splyn that assigns ip addresses? With mikrotik as dhcp no?

It works, but customer must have permanent IP address. So if you use DHCP, you can also specify that customer will always get the same IP. In splynx it’s an option Permanent IP.

Ok then I would have to configure in splynx how many ip’s going to be allocated for aggregation? Is not it easier for splynx to manage dhcp?

I still do the same thing I show you some captures so you can not make multiple users connect through the same account

hi how are you??

I’m not sure that you are talking about aggregation several users under one tarrifs.
You are talking about multiple IPs for one customer

If you use Radius server, one client = 1 IP address, if you setup additional network, it will be used as routed network on PPPoE Interface (Framed-Route radius attribute)

The queue will be applied for pppoe Framed-IP address and all IPs inside the Framed-route network.