Zero Tariff for Selected IPs, Domains, Sites for specific Data Limited service plans

Is there any feature to zero-tariff (do not count) traffic of Data Limited service plans of customers? For example traffic to lets say facebook, whatsapp is not counted towards customers data download/upload for say a promotional campus service plan. Another example to whitelist traffic to IPTV stream service which most often is flat fee irrespective of stream data downloaded.

This feature has become a basic requirement for most promotional service plan.


good point and a feature I have been asked a lot.
Its not possible through Splynx as of today, but there is a workaround.

Splynx accounts for everything which hits the customers splynx queue.
So, if you create separate/manual queues on your Mikrotik excepting traffic from hitting the splynx queue, then Splynx won’t “see” this traffic. In case of whatsapp, you would base those extra queues on L7 filters (url regex containing whatsapp) and packet marks.
Its not transparent to the User (at least not from Splynx), but it does the trick to except certain traffic from the Users Quota.

for deeper integration, you’ll need DPI a la Allot which can become very quick very expensive.


Thanks Heiko_Rehm for the workaround, very much appreciated.