Xero Not Syncing Invoices


Performed the upgrade to 1.3 yesterday and installed the Xero integration module. It all set up easily and all our tariffs and customers synced across easy as pie but when I attempted to create an invoice it hasn’t populated through to Xero after >12 hours.

Is there a way to check where this is failing or to force a sync of the invoices?

Check log here: /var/www/splynx/logs/queue/debug.log

And try to restart daemons:
sudo service rabbitmq-server restart
sudo service splynx_queue restart

If sync will not work create ticket with data to access to your server, please.

Cheers. Have run as requested with no luck. Have logged a ticket.

Did you try to create a new invoice or just checked an old one?

Was using old invoices. Have created a new invoice now. Will wait for the hourly job and see what happens (20 mins away)

If everything is ok invoice will be synced in 3-4 sec.

Creating a new invoice hasn’t resolved the issue. I have tried contact via skype (per job 2202) but haven’t had a reply. Please send further contact via job/email

Still waiting on contact regarding this.

Resolved via Skype. Hook was disabled!

Resolved via Skype. Hook was disabled!

This was not in the setup notes. For any others trying to get the integration working you will need to go to Config > Hooks > Xero and flip enable.


@Nikolay please update the doc.splynx.com and place the screenshot with webhooks there. I see that we have it in QuickBooks, but not in Xero.