Working with multiple currencies


Our customer base is spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our Irish customers pay us in EUR and our Northern Irish customers pay us in GBP.

Is there anyway that we can configure Splynx to be able to accept payments in both currencies? I had looked at setting up a separate partner for our Northern Irish customers, however I cannot find a way to configure the finance section so that the Northern Irish partner can bill in GBP and the main partner can bill in EUR. Is this possible?

Many thanks


Is this possible and if not can it be added into v2.0?



Yes this possible, but this is not native methods.

Do not use any currency on system,
One currency per partner.
One is EUR
Two is GBP
and set it on templates (depend of partner)
next step depend on payment method on PayPall and most of addons we have support set different currency / accounts for different partners.

for future assistance please use we help you with configuration.

Hi All,
I have discovered a very simple way to do this, such that multiple currencies can be handled simultaneously.
Identify your base currency - SLL for example.
Add 2 custom fields on every customer:
Rate: (Type=Integer; Required; Default value=1)
Currency: (Type=String; Required; Default value=SLL)

For every customer you want to change their currency enter price in you base currency and add the Rate value for alternate currency and the respective currency.
Customer X a EUR client.
Rate: 9000
Currency: EUR

Lastly do custom Invoice or Proforma to display calculate value for Totals and display currency.



Hi Alvin, yes, this is very easy and tricky way to do it :slight_smile: :+1:

@Alvin This is a very unique and useful tricks. Thanks for sharing this.