Wildcards or regex in Port/Circuit/Remote ID fields?

Can I use wildcards in the Port ID or Remote ID fields in splynx?
Some parts of our network have customers directly connected to MikroTik distribution routers and we can’t change the format of DHCP Option 82 information on a MikroTik

The problem is the format of the CircuitID. It includes the routers name then some kind of internal interface number. i.e. “RouterA eth 0/22” the ‘22’ is not an actual interface number (router only has 10 ports) and this interface is a VLAN. I tried deleting and recreating the VLAN interface and this number changes to ‘24’. So this is going to pose a problem if we have a router die and need to apply the config to a new one, those numbers could be different so we have to log into every customer and change the PortID field.

However this would be fixable if Splynx supports some kind of wildcard in the PortID field i.e. RouterA* or a regex expression $RouterA.*
Is there a wildcard operation or do I need to exactly specify the Port ID?