Voip rate calculation

Please can someone tell me how splynx is doing voice rate calculation? I’m a little lost between
first step, tariffication step, connect cost regarding the price per minute.
Try the previews but it is not very clear.


I got the calculation in python
spec = {
    'price': 59,
    'first step': 1,
    'tariffication step': 1,
    'connect cost': 23

def calc(spec, duree):
    sec_cost = spec['price'] / 60
    step_cost = sec_cost * spec['tariffication step']
    duree_to_bill = spec['first step']
    price = (duree_to_bill * sec_cost) 
    price +=(spec['connect cost'] * bool(duree))
    if duree >= spec['first step']:
        rest_to_bill = duree - spec['first step']
        nb_step = rest_to_bill // spec['tariffication step']
        r = rest_to_bill % spec['tariffication step']
        r = spec['tariffication step'] * bool(r)
        price +=((nb_step * step_cost) + (r * sec_cost))
    return price

Hi, thank you for reaching out!

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