Variable of NIF / Passport

Greetings I am creating a template to generate contracts, and attachments, please I need the Variable of NIF / Passport and date of Start of the service …

Please check this,

start from that:
{{ dump( }}

Thanks, apply the following variable. {{}}, the start date I still can not find, I’m dealing with {{}}

{% for service in loader.getServicesByTypeAndStatus('internet', 'active') %}
{{ dump(service) }}
{% endfor %}
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Very kind for your help. Now I need the down an

d up variable

{% set tariff = null %}
{% set tariffs = loader.getTariffsByType('internet', 'id') %}

{% for service in loader.getServicesByTypeAndStatus('internet', 'active') %}
{% set tariff = tariffs[service.tariff_id] %}
{{ dump(tariff) }}
{% endfor %}

ps: this will work only on last dev version (1.3) or when 1.3 version will be released.

Thanks for the support, I’m applying a template for contracts and attachment in order to make the most of the SPLYNX system, today I find myself trying to add additional information I need to know how the code line is. I add highlighted photo.

did you try ?

{{ customer._additionalAttributes.proveedor }}

Yes, but it does not give me result. Like other variables.

my {{ dump(customer) }} show

‘additionalAttributes’ =>
array (size=2)
‘is_lte’ => string ‘1’ (length=1) ‘ttt’ => string ‘c0cfc8d1’ (length=8)

so for usage you need to use
{{ customer. additionalAttributes.proveedor }}

in any way with loader must work first variant:
{{ dump(loader.customer._additionalAttributes) }}

Very kind, I am progressing little by little, I used your help