Using 'Mobile Number' field in SMS instead of 'Phone Number' (the %TO% variable)

Hi all - question for the SMS gurus out there :slight_smile: now we’ve finished our migration & are up-and-running on Splynx.

Got SMS going with our new install, but the documentation & examples only show using the %TO% variable for the destination phone … this appears to hard-map to the ‘Phone Number’ field on the customer record, but we’ve got a majority of customers with landlines and mobiles, so we get dead messages trying to send SMS to a POTS line. (We have tested SMS OK with SMS-capable numbers in the ‘Phone Number’ field, and we can see the change in the destination number in the SMS Logs as we test too.)

Again, a majority have provided their mobile numbers as well, and we’ve put them into the ‘Mobile Number’ field as that seemed the logical choice - so what variable can I use to replace %TO% in the SMS payload string that will return that mobile number? … we could hack the customers table but I’d rather have a civilized solution if possible.

Thanks for all the help.