Using DHCP without authorization?

We are new to Splynx and still under our eval license. The hope is to move from another CRM platform to take advantage of the far superior ticketing engine Splynx has.

One issue we are coming up against is tracking IP use for customers when they are assigned via DHCP (and this goes for management IPs as well).

Our customers and management devices by and large get IPs via DHCP. In Splynx, the only way we see to get those IPs back into Splynx is to use RADIUS. But, to make it work with Splynx, you must set the Mikrotik DHCP server to “static only” and let Splynx manage the IPs. This means Splynx must know the MAC address for every single device that will need an IP. For us, that is not practical. We have 100’s of management devices that do not need MACs in Splynx. This also means if a tech plugs a laptop into a port, they won’t get an IP address.

If we set the service to: IPv4 Assignment = none and set the DHCP server to use RADIUS=Accounting on the router, an IP address will get written back to Splynx and attached to that MAC/Service. But, 5 minutes later, it is gone and the device shows offline.

For the customers, we know their MACs and can enter those into their service. but, Splynx can’t get the IP from the DHCP server to stick without using RADIUS (or one of the other password based authentication methods).

What am I missing? We need the Mikrotik DHCP servers to hand out IPs without authentication but we need those IPs to get written back to Splynx and matched with a MAC when one exists. When a MAC does not exist, it just gets ignored (we are not using the Reject Pools to avoid that problem).