Use of each of the Splynx errors, 101-105

Good afternoon! How’s everybody?

I would like to know if you can explain in what conditions activate the programmed errors in splynx

Reject-0 error 101.
Reject-1 error 102.
Reject-2 error 103.
Reject-3 error 104.
Reject-4 error 105.

This to have the basis to be able to customize the error pages that come by default in the system

thank you very much !!

It creates address list with value of one rejects. Example if you disable user it create address in pool with name Reject_1 so you can add rule for that address list and forward all traffic to port 8001,2,3 or 4 and use index.html page to display error message.

You can find more in blocking user section on splynx website.

Thanks for your answer! And I do not think I can explain myself well …

When the user is blocked which list is activated ??

When inactive

When you entered your username or password incorrectly

When the user is new and without assigned services

And so with the others

Reject 0 - When user not found
Reject 1 - When user is blocked or not active
Reject 2 - When user has negative balance or filter is applied
Reject 3 - User has wrong MAC address (if enabled) or other error
Reject 4 - User has entered wrong password

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