Use main information on Tickets

Hi, I had this idea to sort the tickets by City, the City field is on the main Information of every customer. But I can’t get to that field, the only thing I can do is to add additional field, but that information already exists.

Is there anyway to get Customer main information, and use it in the ticket creation?

Thank you for your help.


you can edit ticket template and check all available customer variables by adding this code:


An output will show you all the variables of customer. One of them will be {{}} what you can use.

Hello, I used that information on ticket template.
But what I try to accomplish is something similar to this:

I want to list all tickets and sort by

I created an additional and used the code {{}}, but doesn’t seams to work.


variables in like {{}} will work only in templates.

In this case you have to put city to this field manually or create some custom script what will update this field bu “customer’s city” value.