URGENT: Period Date Range

How do we get this “period date range” to display in the invoice template?


please find in the template the row:

{{ item.description | nl2br }}

and add there the code:

{% if item.period_from != '0000-00-00' %}
             ({{ item.period_from | date(date_format) }} - {{ item.period_to | date(date_format) }})
{% endif %}

Thank you

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Can we also get it to display to other parts of the invoice like this?

Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 9.01.52 AM

All possible, but how the system should display it in case there will be a half of a month or 5 days from one month and 25 days from another month?

P.S. Please log a ticket and our engineers will help you to configure

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I tried this and it worked for the monthly period.

But I was also trying it now using services, set for 7 days as payment period just like here

and it’s not displaying in here

What can I do next?


the next step - it’s a ticket. Our support should check your code.

Thank you

Hi Nik,

I have opened a ticket now, thanks.