Unlimited local bandwidth

My setup

  • Splynx 2
  • Mikrotik 1100ahX2

I am using splynx via radius. Everything works fine limiting bandwidth to users. But now I want to run local services behind the firewall withing my network,where uses access them without bandwidth limits. Anyone know this can be done without affecting splynx settings

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I don’t think so. Splynx creates via Radius pppoe or dhcp based Simple Queue. This simple queue is limiting ALL traffic, there are no way to exclude some part of traffic.

If you had API queues on central router, then you can make the local resources access without limitation and only everything what goes though central router will be limited by API queues

is there any upcomming updates to implement FUP in International traffic only (excluding GGC and Local traffic) ?

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Hi, we are not planing it yet. Radius accounting doesn’t allow it. API maybe yes or netflow should be implemented

I was wondering if one can’t just create some Queue Rules with matching destination "local (Local/exchange/GGC) IP’s/Subnets.
This queue(s) should be installed before the Splynx generated queue rules, then Splynx wouldn’t match this traffic anymore on its own rules and therefore it wont be Accounted in Splynx.
Only change in Splynx would be to make Splynx aware of customer created queues so that Splynx inserts itself after those.
Alex, wouldnt this be a simple solution for this?

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