Twilio SMS integration


Hi there, I have been using D7SMS and they recently stopped working correctly they aren’t replying to customer support requests for help so I needed to switch to something with seemingly more documentation and adoption like Twilio. The only problem is I’m having trouble getting it to work with my limited knowledge of the subject of API. I am using a trial version and I’m unsure if that is the issue, or if I’ve configured the settings wrong in some way. I’m trying to test the one phone number I have been authorized to send to on the Twilio portal just in case that’s the problem as well.

The user that goes by @Mykhailo posted this the other day and I followed their short how-to and I’m not having any luck getting this to work.
This was the image he posted:
In the picture the payload wasn’t formatted exactly the way that Splynx had it so I tried capital From/To and lowercase from/to and it didn’t change anything.

I’m getting the following when I perform a test
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

If I change the Authorization I get the error
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

If I change the URL I get
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

This makes me believe I’m close, but something I’m doing is incorrect.
The Gateway URL I’m using is the one in my account information that I copied. Maybe the “account” I’m pretty sure the SID is accurate in the URL and in the authorization. I have a “messaging services” but that gives me a 401 when it’s used in the Authorization / URL or one or the other.

The reason I’m trying to use Twilio is that it seems to be half the price of everything else available, and has some robust options available if I intend to build an auto-reply system in it.
If there are other recommendations on products that are similar to the cost of 0.0080 per SMS and available in the USA and only sent to other USA customers.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations on other products, or if you need additional information on troubleshooting this. Thank you very much.

I got this to work. I changed the from field in the payload. I had it as our business name but I changed it to the phone number that Twilio assigned me and that was all it needed to work.

So the test worked. I saved and went into messaging in Splynx and I was able to receive an SMS message through a “customer” with my phone number…

So now I guess I have to go into Twilio and find a way to assign a CNAM or whatever it’s called to this phone number that Twilio is sending through. It’s working though. I just have to figure out why it’s not charging me for the messages as well now, but I think I’m mostly there already.

I also changed the flow I had created but i don’t know if that mattered so I’m going to revert the change I made on it and test again. I’m not sure if I even need a flow though…


here is an example of how it’s configured:

Thank you very much for the reply. I figured it out by trial and error. I realized that the phone number that Twilio provides needs to be the from. The “from” section was working with our business name on the previous service so that was why I was having a problem. Twilio is amazing. Its incredibly easy to set up. In addition, I set an auto-reply with a “This number is not monitored” type thing with our business number and links to our website. It even supports chatbot functionality, which is very cool. Later on, I may set up a “For emergency service please text back 1. For Billing information text back 2” type thing. In addition, I think I can make a channel on Teams that is dedicated to incoming emergency service requests. The world is my oyster with Twilio. D7SMS can eat my shoe.

I copied everything you had and then clicked test and it was fine.
Then about a month later we had an outage and we tried to use the messaging tool and it didn’t work, and there are no messages in the logs going out on Twilio so I had to convert it back to the default options…

I have messaged Twilio support asking for help because I seem to be missing something.