Trigger email when approaching Acceptable Usage Limit?

Hi, I have just found Splynx, and I am looking at using it. So far, it looks great!

My questions:

  1. Can we set up several classes of service, where each class is assigned to a bandwidth pool (with differing contention ratios), and a soft bandwidth cap (Acceptable Usage Limit)? When they reach the limit, they should fall into a slower service category.
  2. Can we trigger an email or sms as the user approaches or reaches limit?
  3. Can we offer “top-up” purchases to restore normal service?



Hi Peter, currently we are busy doing the capped plans with ability to topup. Topup will be online using sagepay and payfast, also administrator will be able to topup the client or the topup can be charged automatically in next invoice.

All these features will come in 1.3 version. We have a delay at the moment with the lauch, mainly because of the Top up solution. But I’m pretty sure that in few weeks it will be finally live