Traffic Prioritization

I would like to find out from Splynx what would be the guidelines or best practices on traffic prioritization for WISP network.

I have seen your MUM videos where you recommend doing prioritization at the hi-site (access point in Splynx), and also where you have discussed doing prioritization at CPE. I also understand that prioritization at main router is a bad idea, for obvious reasons.

my questions:-

  1. In your MUM Berlin video you mentioned your QOS (available from alexcherry83 github). I understand that one of your customers generously provided the rules, my question is, what is the recommended router to be installed at the hi-site? i spoke with alex this week and he recommended against 2011 and suggested 3011, but couldn’t advise on how many customers the 3011 would be able to handle. it doesn’t make sense to install 3011’s at the hi-sites and it can only reliably take care of less customers than what the hi-site already has.

  2. in relation to question 1, our radios are ubiquiti and our head end router and cpe’s are mikrotiks, however not every cpe is a mikrotik, residential customers only have ubnt radio dialing out pppoe. business customers, especially ones that have voip setup use small mikrotik at their location to prioritize via api. but this only prioritizes voip, no other traffic. so if we setup mikrotiks (3011’s) at hi-sites (access points) will we be able to prioritize how we see fit? for example icmp/dns/voip priority 1, video calls and gaming etc priority 2, speedtest 3, http downloads 6 etc? is there a recommended prioritization format we could follow from splynx?

i look forward to hearing from you


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Hey there - just noticed this request.
While I am NOT on the Splynx team I would suggest prior to using ANY router from Mikrotik it is best to look @ and check the block diagram.

The 2011 and even the 3011 have some interesting things one can learn (such as if the SPF port is turned on the backplane is changed for ports 1-5.

In any event - It would help to know how many customers you are looking to serve per tower.

I am assuming your UBNT AP/CPE are in bridge mode and then the Mikrotik @ the home is the router for the CPE from what you mentioned.

Your questions in regards to QOS can be done a few ways.
Generally i move traffic with some simple tagging and mangle rules -
I tend to migrate towards MPLS so the PPPoE tunnel itself can phone all the way home vs direct to the tower itself.

Keep in mind when using PPPoE - any traffic in that tunnel is - well still in a tunnel however and the management of such traffic does not really take place in the tunnel but can be done at either end.

For this reason - I tend to use some other management vlans for VoIP.

If stuck - let me know and we can discuss further -
Since this request is a bit old I figured I would take a chance to ping your request however.