Subtract Data from CAP

Hi there,

How can we remove/subtract data from a customer’s CAPPED service?

I tried doing a negative TopUp, but it gives me error that “Quantity must be greater than 0”


You should delete related transaction (Customer / Billing / Transactions) and Top UP will be deleted.

Hi @ex
Unfortunately it does not show the topup under (Customer / Billing / Transactions)

The TopUp was doen exactly like this:

Maybe allow a negative number here??

why not?

I see now if I put an amount in “Price” while doing the topup, it does show up for transactions, and we are able to delete that one…
But at this moment we are not looking to use any billing features of Splynx yet, and by putting a price reflects on deposit etc.

The previous topups done without any amount entered in “Price” is not view-able in (Customer / Billing / Transactions)

you have to create topup with amount like ‘0’, but you found a bug:

so, thank you and please wait, we will fix it.

awesome, thank you! :slight_smile: