Splynx w/o Mikrotik

Hello all

I’ve noticed that Splynx relies heavily on Mikrotik devices; do you have previous success stories with connecting Splynx as billing/radius solution to a Linux network ?

(I have operated in the past several small/medium networks based on freeradius + daloradius or its default dialup admin gui, both were not extraordinary and I am considering giving Splynx a try; however, I do not want to use third party devices and keep the solution as simple as possible.)



may be this one will help https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Linux%3A+Accel-ppp+server

Hi ex,

yes, I reached the same conclusion while browsing the website of accel ppp, which solves the qos problem by supporting traffic shaping natively.

That was my biggest issue, for the rest of the questions regarding strictly splynx features I’ll write an “official” enquiry via email :slight_smile: