Splynx version 2.3

For upgrade:

apt update
apt dist-upgrade

Changelog - https://splynx.com/changelog/


Please note that in 2.3 version is changed the way how active customers are counted.
One active customer is limited to 4 active services. In case when subscriber has 5th service, the new active subscriber is counted to the license.
GPON addon counts active subscribers separately. If active subscriber has a GPON Huawei provisioning service, he is counted as 2 subscribers.
Hotspot online vouchers are counted as active customers. It means DB can have 10K vouchers, if 100 hotspot users are online at the same time, then 100 subscription license is required.

Come on guys a customer with many services should be treated as one license.

I have run the update but had this one error show up twice while the upgrade was going through. Not sure it is is a problem or not but suspect it could be

About PHP notice - there are a custom view in your database and Splynx are trying to check it with own DB structure. We will fix this in next Splynx update.
About errors - possible reason can be that there are manual changes in tables. Send email to support@splynx.com with description of problem and our engineers will check it.

and extra money for mobile applications, i don’t know what splynx is trying to do, all other radius provider are deducting their price and splynx is hiking up!

  1. I feel this release has come as good news for beta testers fixing a few bugs and more features but a long shot from splynx and worries for some like me. A good job is done but feedback, opinions are expected to enhance and also to strategize and provided end-users with solutions focused to resolve their challenges.
  2. License fee increase and a licenses count change scheme all in all. If i run GPON module i will only run 250 clients for a 500 users license.
  3. For my case, I have clients on wireless. I use the inventory to sell or rent out equipment to clients and they will always pop up under client custom service. I have several clients with 1 Sm/CPE, 1 Router, and two or a couple wifi extenders. in this case, my number of services + internet exceeds 4 per client. The new scheme will count two licenses for that client, It is not realistic to count a piece of equipment as an extra client. It also affects how inventory is meant to work from my understanding. This needs to be re-addressed.
  4. For the mobile App a good move. Not much comment but the price tag a debate for another day.

The price factor will, of course, play a big role in decision making of retaining or doing away with splynx for other radius/billing options

You are absolutely right!

Splynx, you need to revisit this part and come up with a better license solution.

Guys, this thread was created to get the feedback on version 2.3 and it’s features, where we invested a lot of efforts and months of development. The licensing policy can be discussed individually with each customer, as you know we have individual approach.
Each change has it’s own reason :

  1. 4 services per client we did to charge b2b and voice providers in more efficient way. If someone is using many services per client because of topology - always price per client can be changed for such provider, as I wrote above - it’s a question of individual discussion
  2. GPON Huawei add-on is very difficult to maintain because of SSH and huawei version changes + lack of good documentation, it really consumes a lot of our resources, we had two options - close it or charge additionally. If someone signed just because of this feature - write please to support@splynx.com to discuss pricing discounts.
  3. Hotstpot was not charged at all, limiting on online basis accounts personally for me makes sense.
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Alex, i have been using GPON addon where i had nearly 200 customers, after updating the V2.3 it doubled up my subscription where i had to pay double just for nothing, being and old customer of splynx you must give us some time either to add subscription or to delete customer from splynx GPON add-on.Now we had to delete all the customer continuously and adding again on OLT because its not affordable for us!

Anil, we will discuss it via email and find the solution. I have answered on your email query few minutes ago