Splynx Stripe and Quickbooks integration

Ok, so I’ve got the Splynx Stripe integration working, and also Quickbooks online. I processed invoices this morning and they all appeared in Quickbooks immediately. I then went to the invoices page and did the bulk “Charge” operation. 3 of the customers have payment info on hand and were processed and paid. However, in quickbooks it does not show as paid. When I got the quickbooks integration setup a few weeks ago, if I manually added a payment, it would sync with Quickbooks. Are the bulk payments handled differently?

Hi Matthew,

payments should sync too! Please, check “Sync errors” in Quickbooks addon, like at the screenshot:

So, under “sync errors” I had nothing… Now several months have gone by… In november, 1 of my customers did not sync with quickbooks. I had to manually enter his invoice and payment… Now this month, I have several customers not syncing invoices, and only 2 payments have synced. What do I need to do? Do I need to remove the integration and set it up from scratch again? I’m now a paying customer, can I have someone look into this?

Hi Matthew,

sure, please create a ticket and we will check your server