Splynx Setup with different MySQL server

So, we need:

  1. Server number 1 for installing Splynx
  2. Server number 2 for installing MySQL-server

For example, it will be two virtual machines: VM1 with ip address - and VM2 with ip address -

Next step, install splynx on VM1 - and install MySQL-server on VM2 (apt-get install mysql-server).
When installation is complete, we must configure both servers.

On VM1:

  1. In /var/www/splynx/config/mysql.php change “host” - ip of your mysql-server; “database” - name of database on your mysql-server; “username” - username of database on your mysql-server and “password” - pass of database on your mysql-server

Attention! Password is encrypted, so you have to use command:

/var/www/splynx/system/setup/setup mysql-password --password=newpassword

2.Create dump of splynx-database

mysqldump -uroot -p splynx > test_dump.sql

and copy it into VM2.

  1. Copy /etc/mysql/conf.d/splynx.cnf - file from VM1 to VM2 !

On VM2:

  1. Create new database in MySQL:

2.Restore from dump-file structure of splynx-db:

mysql -uroot -p testdb < test_dump.sql

  1. In MySQL config-file /etc/mysql/my.cnf chenge bind-address to “”

It is necessary for remote access to mysql-server from another host or you can enter ip of your splynx-server, then only splynx will be connected to MySQL-server.

  1. In mysql create new user and give permissions:
CREATE USER 'username'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* TO 'username'@'%';

5.Reboot VM2.

That is all.

Very interesting,
Thanks for that!!

Does it still work after a update to a new release/version?


99 % that yes :slight_smile:

@Nikolay please test, and confirm…

It works from version 1.3