Splynx Register via social networks Issues


I have setup the Social Networks Module 3 times over now exactly according to this article (https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Self+Registration) at no avail.
I know that it is not the social API’s that I am using, as I have tested this with both Facebook & Gmail API’s and both give the same error when attempting to register.

When I try and register from my splynx customer portal, I select to register with facebook, it will redirect me to login into facebook, it authenticates and redirects me from there to the signup form, after I filled out the signup form and click submit, the next page that I get has an error "Error while adding customer by API!"

Has anyone come accross this yet or perhaps know where I could start looking?

Many Thanks


You can find something useful in log:
tail -f /var/www/splynx/addons/splynx-social-registration/runtime/logs/app.log

@C.J_Van_Vuuren - Hi,

did you solve issue with self-reg ? do you need additional help?

If issue is not solved, please contact support@splynx.com