Splynx/Mikrotik with more than one network source


We have an ISP system that consist of Splynx Server and three Mikrotik routers with three different public IPs (three different internet sources). The server is currently configured with one of these internet source’s IP, which means the sever is reaching the other two routers via internet. if there is an outage on the server’s internet source the other two routers can not reach the server.

I have tried to solve this issue by connecting all internet resource to the Server and assigned two more public IP address to the server and also done all other routing regarding this guideline (https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Two_Default_Gateways_on_One_System), but when I save the script and restart the network the server connectivity with the three routers lost. I have to role back all the configuration I done to get back to normal state.

Great if someone assist me accomplish this.

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