Splynx Mikrotik change from simple queues to trees


I have a splynx instance running paired by mikrotik via api to CCR1009

I have around 70 active users and decided to switch from simple queues to simple queues with tree,

changed setting in router config (splynx),
restarted radius (splynx),
disabled/reenabled ppp/radius instances in mikrotik,

but data still persents as simple queeus in mikrotik without a tree.

question how can I force splynx to recreate existing users with tree?

Also the reason for switching to tree, is we would like to limit a certain destination for some packages, by adding shaping of package_speed/2 to parent’s.

also will data towards these destinations be still accounted by splynx for ppp?


about Simple with tree:

  1. Router on customer internet service should be selected.
  2. Api should be enabled (Radius can’t create Simple with tree)
  3. Miktorik-Rate-Limit attribute on radius configu (Config / Networking / Radius - Mikrotik) should be disabled.