Splynx API in python

Hi everybody,
I did an implementation of Splynx API 1.0 in python using PHP class API.

using it for some obscure reason I always get 401 code with all http methods.
Can someone look at the python code to see what changes are needed?


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import hashlib
import hmac
from datetime import datetime
import time
import math
import requests
from requests import request
import urllib

   *Splynx API v. 1.0
   *REST API Class
   *Author: Narcisse Doudieu Siewe
 class SplynxApi:
  def __init__(self, url, api_key, api_secret):
      self._url = url
      self._api_key = api_key
      self._api_secret = api_secret
      self._sash = None
      self._nonce_v = None
      self._debug = None
      self._version = '1.0'
      self._administrator_id = None
      self._administrator_role = None
      self._administrator_partner = None
      self._test_method = {'POST':201, 'PUT':202, 'DELETE':204}

  def administrator_id(self):
      return self._administrator_id

  def administrator_id(self, value):
      self._administrator_id = value

  def administrator_role(self):
      return self._administrator_role

  def administrator_role(self,value):
      self._administrator_role = value

  def administrator_partner(self):
      return self._administrator_partner

  def administrator_partner(self,value):
      self._administrator_partner = value

  def debug(self):
      return self._debug

  def debug(self,value):
      self._debug = value

  def result(self):
      return self._result

  def result(self,value):
      self._result = value

  def response(self):
      return self._response

  def response(self,value):
      self._response = value

  def response_code(self):
      return self._response_code

  def response_code(self,value):
      self._response_code = value
  def sash(self):
      return self._sash

  def sash(self,value):
      self._sash = value

     *Create signature for API call validation
     *@return string hash
  def _signature(self):
      st = "%s%s"%(self._nonce_v, self._api_key)
      hsh = hmac.new(st, self._api_secret, hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()
      return hsh.upper()
     *Set nonce as timestamp
  def _nonce(self):
      t_now = datetime.now()
      self._nonce_v = round((time.mktime(t_now.timetuple()) + t_now.microsecond/1000000.0)*100)
      if self.debug:
         print "nonce", self._nonce_v

     *Send request request to Splynx API
     *@param method: get, delete, put, post
     *@param url
     *@param param
     *@return array JSON results
  def _curl_process(self, method, url, param = []):#maybe called _request_process
      if self.debug:
          print "%s to %s\n"%(method, url)
          print param, "\n"
      auth_str = self._make_auth()
      print auth_str
      headers = {
                 "Authorization":"Splynx-EA ("+auth_str+")",
                 "user-agent":"Splynx Python API"+self._version
         if method in ('POST','PUT'):
            rs = request(method, url, headers = headers, json = param)
            rs = request(method, url, headers = headers)
      except requests.RequestException as e:
             if self.debug:
                print "response: ", e.response, '\n'
                print "request: ", e.request, '\n'
      self.administrator_id = rs.headers.get('SpL-Administrator-Id') or self.administrator_id
      self.administrator_role = rs.headers.get('SpL-Administrator-Role') or self.administrator_role
      self._administrator_partner = rs.headers.get('SpL-Administrator-Partner') or self._administrator_partner
      self.response_code = rs.status_code
      if self.debug:
         print 'Content: ',rs.content, '\n'
      self.result = False
      if self.response_code == 200 or self._test_method.get(method) == self.response_code:
         self.result = True
      self.response = rs.json()
      if self.debug:
         print "status code: %s  method: %s\n"%(self.response_code, method)
      return self.response
     *Make Splynx Extended Authorization string
     *@return string of Splynx EA
  def _make_auth(self):
      self._nonce_v += 1
      auth = {'key':self._api_key,
      if self.sash != None:
         auth['sash'] = self.sash
      return urllib.urlencode(auth)

  def _getUrl(self, pth, Id=None):
      l = self._url[-1]
      url = self._url+pth if l == '/' else self._url+'/'+pth     
      if Id:
         url += '/'+str(Id)
      return url

     *Send API call GET to Splynx API
     *@param string path
     *@param integer Id
     *@param a list
  def api_call_get(self, path, Id=None):
      return self._curl_process('GET', self._getUrl(path, Id))
     *Send API call DELETE to Splynx API
     *@param string path
     *@param integer Id
     *@return a list
  def api_call_delete(self,path, Id=None):
      return self._curl_process('DELETE', self._getUrl(path, Id))

     *Send API call POST to Splynx API
     *@param string path
     *@param list param
     *@return a list 
  def api_call_post(self, path, param):
      return self._curl_process('POST', self._getUrl(path), param)
     *Send API call PUT to Splynx API
     *@param string path
     *@param integer Id
     *@param list param
     *@return a list 
  def api_call_put(self, path, Id, param):
      return self._curl_process('PUT', self._getUrl(path, Id), param)

Looks great :slight_smile:

can you try ?

  def _signature(self):
      st = "%s%s"%(self._nonce_v, self._api_key)
      hsh = hmac.new(self._api_secret.encode('utf-8'), digestmod=hashlib.sha256)
      sign = hsh.hexdigest()
      return sign.upper()

please let me know about result.

ps: i’m not a python dev, so sorry for any possible errors.

lol I see my error…hmac.new(key[msg [, digest_algo]])

in place of

             hsh = hmac.new(st, self._api_secret, hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()

it should be

             hsh = hmac.new(self._api_secret, st, hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()

a big mistake!

Now is working?

Can you post lib to some repository?

For future community usage.

It works fine now…I will post my code for this.
I don’t know but for some reasons modifying an API key many times
make the key buggy…may be you can investigate this…
Even after modifying the key I got 401 error code so I finally deleted it
and create another to resolv the issue.

please check parameter nonce = and it checking on API key.

if on API key = check nonce is enable - every request increase it, and every next request nonce must be more than on request before.


i’m added to repo, please fork it and make pull request in case of any changes needed.


I tested last version, it works fine. There is test python-script at Bitbucket - https://bitbucket.org/splynx/splynx-python-api/src/5313da3bddb3ae894e928e38420d5f512d4afe30/example.py?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default

I have finally post the code on bitbucket it is the final version


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