Splynx 1.3 Braintree-addon Auto payment question

I am using Splynx 1.3 Dev and the BrainTree addon and would like to know if customers will be able to set invoices to be automatically paid through the the portal after adding a credit card?

It would be best if users didn’t have to manually login and pay each month


read from:
“At last, you can charge all customers, using one button! Go to Finance → Invoices, set period and click “Charge” as on the screenshot:

OK but again it seems this is setup for company’s that bill all customers on the same day?

We will be starting the billing cycles when the services are activated so this will be different billing date and invoice generation date for each customer.

You can run charge every day, or once per week … depends on …

Ok so I see you can charge created invoices manually…
Because I consider this a manual process, someone has to log in and click charge invoices.

What we are looking for here is quite simple I think but the Splynx billing system seems to make it complicated.

Quite simply all we need is invoices created for the full amount of the month service and the invoice to automatically be paid from saved credit card. Notice I said AUTOMATICALLY not requiring an admin to click a button.

Hi Rob, what I can see from the comments is that your requirements are quite different that requirements of our other clients.

Why we made the direct debit charge using button ? Because basically providers, let’s say 99 % of all our customers with Direct debit, charge customers one day or few days in month. And it’s not a problem for them to login and click the button.

Clicking of the button is also a verification step that customer debit order will be correct, amounts are fine etc.

I think that there is a way to put to Cron the command that will charge all unpaid invoices every day.
Maybe this script can be run every day with some parameters that says “Pay unpaid invoices” …

@ex - what do you think ?

For now it is not possible,

but we will think about that in next releases …