Splynx 1.2 - Router fails on RADIUS attempts

Mikrotik 6.37.5 - bugfix latest. Running reliably for weeks.

Now all RADIUS is failing - tried:

  • disabling/re-enabling the Mikrotik Radius client
  • resetting the NTP client to get the right time
  • Restarting the Splynx machine

Nada. Nothing in coa, nothing in short.log. I can ssh from Splynx back to the machine (so no firewall issues).

Any pointers? Mikrotik is reporting RADIUS timeout.

Bear in mind we’ve had very little hassle, 20+ mikrotik routers, for ages. We had to downgrade to 6.37.5 to get the splynx->mikrotik radius events working (change in fair use queues, etc).

—* Bill

Hi Bill, I have no idea why this happens

We need to login to your MT and splynx, send me pls access to alex@splynx.com and I will check it