Speedtest module slower speeds

When using our public Speedtest.org server from a test point we are seeing 170Mbps/97 but on the Speedtest in our customer portal we are seeing closer to 112Mbps/86Mbps. Both our Ookla server and our Splynx server have 10GB connectivity to our network.

What can we do in the OS to optimize the internal Speedtest to reflect that of third-party?

Hello, the speed test add-on measures speed from the source IP. So even if you run speed test from the admin page and later from the portal page but from the same IP - the result will be the same.

What minimum specs should my VM have to be able to achieve a 1Gbps/1Gpbs accurately?

In order to use the module we need it to show accurate results compared to our on-net Ookla and WiFiman servers. Currently, the results in the Splynx Speedtest module are 30% below the results of our dedicated speedtest servers.