Specifying client's Router Mac address in splynx

Hi team,

I want to limit the client to attache the only approved routers from our office for some reasons. So i add the mac of the router in here as shown in image 1 while using the Mikrotik API. When i specified the client router’s mac ( image 1.) and expected to see it in the Mikrotik “Call ID” ( image 2.) but not there. How or what was its purpose, Mac(s) Field?

Hi Erick, MAC is used in radius. I think if you create PPP secrets via API, Splynx doesn’t push the MAC there. @ex , I think we can add it to the system

@alexcherry Thank you for your reply, it will be of great help to me and API Users. Hope to expect it in final release of v 1.3.

@alexcherry any update for it

Will be on Splynx 2.0

when splynx2.0 released ?

Beginning of November 2017.

Hi Dev team, is this feature available now in splynx2.0 dev version?

Hi Dev team, any hope on this?

Hi dev Team,

@ex Been waiting for this feature for so long. Any good news?

Kind regards

Hello, the PPPoE/Password + MAC authentication is available in Radius server, no one else asked for it in API PPPoE/Username mode. At the moment this feature for API is in low priority.

If it’s really very important authentication feature for you, why you don’t think about moving to Radius authentication where it’s supported for ages ?

Hi Eric,

(Radius) is also what we usually do to bind client CPE/ONT to a specified MAC - works perfectly.


  1. I love API for two reasons:- A. My radius server (Splynx) doesn need to be up for the client to authenticate. or even if my router (core) loses connection to the splynx or the splynx server is powered off for maintenance my clients will authenticate on my router without a hustle.
    B. Contention ratio scheme

Unless there is more advantages of the raidus option than the Api then i would switch.

On Splynx 2.2 we already add this feature, so you can enable now on
Config / Networking / MikroTik API

ps: only first mac address will be used.

@ex I enabled this. Will the field Mac under service be populated automatically or should i input the caller ID mac since it has not pulled the first mac connected yet…

You should input manual(mac address).

Automatically possible only with radius.