[Solved] Server not working after power blackout

Hi, after a blackout my splynx server is no longer responding. The computer where it’s installed is working ok with ubuntu, but when type the address on the internet browser, it shows a timeout error. Is it possible to reinstall or fix the software? Will I loose the configuration? Or can I save a backup of it?

As i understand you install Splynx on Local PC with VirtualBox ?

if yes check please IP of your VM, may be it changed ?

dpkg-reconfigure splynx

and reboot the server

No, it’s not a VM. It’s a dedicated server running ubuntu 14.
The OS is working fine, but the splynx address is no longer accesible.

I tried that as first resource, but when executing the “dpkg-reconfigure splynx” command, nothing happened, no reaction at all.
Is there a way to reinstall splynx?
I also tried to update it, but no luck.

login to server by SSH, and type

sudo ifconfig
and make screenshot

and then screenshot how you try to login to server (with Web)

the address I used to connect to was

I’m looking at ifconfig, and see different address…

You’re right!
I typed and it worked! I can log in to splynx again!

But why is that when running the “dpkg-reconfigure splynx” command, nothing happen?


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thanks alot.