Signature PAD Integration

Hi a great idea in splynx is a integration with wacom signature pad because there we can make the customer sign the contract at the office and PRINT it or MAIL it with the signature ready!

Hi you can try this solution -
It’s the same

Hi not the same solution because that is electronic, in my country electronic signature is not approved yet just customer presence with a PAD where the customer sign.

Alvin - I am not sure what the difference itself would be - however, while some may not mind the $15 fee for Signaturit, this option locks one into utilizing the vendor forever. Furthermore if the vendor does raise their pricing - one is stuck having to pay otherwise they do NOT have the signature proof long term.

What I would love to see if a similar option that allows the signature pages to be saved within Splynx itself.

Heck - Splynx could charge $15/mo for the add on and I bet no one would bat an eye - because they know Splynx. Customers are already trusting splynx with their entire business