SHaping api question

Guys can you please explain to me what the attached section does when you activate or deactivate it. I dont see any mangle rules when this is ticked or unticked???

when is this used???

Any news maybe @alexcherry …just wondering how this works???

I think it’s quite easy to explain.
There are 2 types of shaping in Splynx. Simple Queue and PCQ (based on queue trees, mangles etc).

First box there in config is Simple Shaping. Queue type for download is the queue type that is used in each simple queue that is created by splynx

Second box is related to PCQ shaping with address lists.

Ok cool but how does one activate either the one or the other??? i want to try and use the mangles??? to see if it makes a difference but at the moment its doing simple queues.

In router settings - API, there is a shaping type.
Simple Queue or Simple Queue tree - it’s the same
PCQ with address list