Setting up Stripe for payments


We are trialing using Stripe for payments. We have installed the add-on and configured the params.php file. However, the next step in your instructions says that the customer has to add their credit card details. When we login as the customer, there is no such link to add the card.

Have we missed a step or is there something wrong with using Stripe?



I just installed Splynx in VM, insert “Publishable/Secret key” from,
and Login to portal as customer, nextly menu “Finance / Credit card via Stripe gateway”

too simple.

Thanks for the response, however, we have done exactly this process already. We retrieved the API keys from our Stripe test data area and updated the params.php file with them. When we login to the portal as the customer we do not get the option for Credit card via Stripe gateway.

Any ideas why we cannot add the credit card. When we go into the invoices section on the portal there is an icon under operations for Pay by card via Stripe gateway. If we try to use this link it flashes up a message Loading Add-on “Splynx Stripe Add-on” and then get a 404: Not found ! error.

Error 404 I got by renaming the folder with the add-on splynx-stripe

Are you using SSL on your VM? Just wondering if this could be the issue.

no, I do not use SSL.
I will now try with SSL

We are not using SSL so I thought that might have been the difference between your configuration and ours.

Hi Aidan,

Fast solved on your server,

few problems:

  1. not finished install
  2. errors on config (API url, validation key)
  3. restarted nginx

now all looks fine, please check and confirm.

Perfect. We have the link now so can continue. Can you email me privately what the errors on the config were that you found so that I can ensure when we move to the live area on Stripe we don’t encounter the same problem?

Also would we need to restart nginx each time we make a change?