Server Mirror, More than one server one main one Backup server

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im not sure if all of this will be possible but if not maby you should look into it urgently.

Server Mirror. have more than one server on network running at the same time. but the one server is a mirror of the main server. this will be a BACKUP SERVER. allow these servers to run on different locations and what every entry or change or clients add you do on the one server will automatically be added on the backup server. if the main server fails due to power due to some issue than backup server will automaticaly take over and clients will not loose connectivity.

if all of this is possible without speding 5 min changing stuf on network and having clients disconnect ect then please let me know how.

i do not want to when main server goes down sit on network change ip adresses or trying to get the other server to work ect. that is not the whole point

it should happed on its own and without human help…


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Splynx doesn’t have active-active, or active-passive options.
You can have second server where you setup Backup and then restore manually if first server went down.

Or you can use High Availability on VM side - for example Proxmox:

well just my two cents …im going to be having a secondary server will all my clients dumped on it so that if the one goes off it will fail over to that one…you just add the secondary server to the radius server lists on the mikrotik…what i havent figured out yet is the api queue creation …

@alexcherry cant we maybe have a look at some kind of scrypt that can run to sync the two databases??? headless server??? one doesnt need the gui on the second server just the auth side.

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At the moment there is no way to have replication of Splynx server, we don’t have native HA support.
The only one way how to achieve some kind of replication is to setup second server with Rsnapshot. There will be copied backup of primary server via SSH.

If first server is down, then on backup you have to :

  1. install Splynx
  2. copy database from backup to Splynx DB
  3. move file crypt.conf from backup folder to /var/www/splynx/config

We can help with this, just prepare second server and our engineers will set up remote backup there

Hallo Alex that will work …all ill do is just setup a secondary radius server…can this unit be a raspberry pi maybe?? Its only going to be auth that is going to be done??