Sending Email to Customer not Working

Good day. We are sending a test email to our test customer but upon checking on the Email logs from our Administration module, the email didn’t go through and as you can see from the screenshot below, the status is “Error”.

Is there any way we can fix? Are we missing some configuration on our part?

We would like to implement a mass sending for our customer for their invoices but the version of our splynx is a bit outdated and it doesn’t have the Message - Mass Email module compared to the latest version, is there any way we can implement this to the current version of our Splynx?

The version of our Splynx is:
Splynx 3.0.5396

Assuming that SMTP server is configured correctly and the testing worked, the only thing you need to look at would be ticket notifications.


try to check log file for more details. You can find it under Administration/Logs/Files and find a file “mail.log” alternatively via CLI /var/www/splynx/logs/cron/mail.log