Sector Limits --> Doesnt work on Queue

Hello Team,

we were experimenting with Sector Limits and Aggregation.
It seems that both together, does not work.

If I set a User to use some Tarif, he will properly pop up in the Simply Queue below his Tarif, properly set for his Aggregation settings.
If I then add the User to a Sector (on the same router), then the Tarif as well the User disappear from the Queue.

Any Ideas?

Hello Team,

Figured it out (I think).

Sector limits in combination with Aggregation works in Simple Queues ONLY if the Router is set to “IP/MAC Firewall / API Accounting”. If it’s set to PPP (Radius) / Radius Accounting or anything else, the Sectors won’t work (only Aggregation will work then).

Oy then, the simple queue looks properly with 3 layers (Sector → Tariff → User).
Am not sure if that is wanted like that, Splynx Team - please advise…