Sage One Accounting Integration


Will you be able to provide us with an ETA on Sage One Accounting Integration?



Would like to know aswell as our debit orders go through that system …and would be nice to have it integrated.

I faced similar problem with Sage 50. May be they have some integration problem.

Hello, we have added the Sage pay direct debit and Sage “pay now” integration. There is no documentation yet, but you can send a request to and our engineers will help you to set it up.

Regarding SageOne accounting - maybe we will add it in 2018, but it’s not confirmed. At the moment we have integration with QB online and Xero, both of them can be used in US, UK, Australia, South Africa. We are continuously improving these integrations, it takes time. That’s why till the end of 2017 we will not add any other accounting software support.

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Thanks alexcherry for your kind suggestion. I didn’t renew my sage 50 subscription after that. Now using accounting software ZipBooks. If you can confirm there is no problem with ZipBooks then I may stay with them but if any integration/other problem arises then I want switch back to Sage 50.

As I wrote above, we have added QuickBooks and Xero integration. Now we are adding support of Sage Pastel. We are not planing any other accounting software integration.

The integration with Pastel will be using manual exports/imports of CSV files. It will work this way :

  1. Customer added to Pastel or Splynx. CSV imported to SPlynx if customers are added in Pastel or to Pastel in case they are added primary to Splynx.
  2. Invoices are generated in Splynx, then exported to CSV and sent to Pastel accounting.
  3. Splynx generates CSV file for SagePay processing. The file is sent to Sage Pay and also imported to Pastel to mark payments.
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Thanks @alexcherry for the update. :slight_smile: