Sage Line 50 intergration

Hi. Are there any plans to integrate Sage line 50 or Sage one, as we have tried both Quickbooks (doesnt support use Ireland!) and XERO. Frankly Xero is a disaster as they aslo don’t support Ireland very well.
Its whole accounting terminology is alien, for example it has ‘expenses’ and ‘payments’ instead of credit and debit, it only supports bank reconciliation if you have a csv file from your bank in a certain format (which again hasnt credit or debit columns but + or - figures for ‘payments’ and ‘expenses’ . You cant easily manually enter bank statement details without navigating through several steps per line.
The UK version would be fine but they can’t or won’t let you use it with the Euro!
Suntico provide a free API for integration with Sage - see here
Please Please do it! Thanks!!