Rollover of unused data

Hi there!

We are running Splynx v1.3.2623 stable, and now in the new month we see that the unused data did not rollover correctly…

Tarrif settings:

User 1 example BEFORE month change unused data is 27.02GB:

User 1 example AFTER month change unused data is 44.47GB instead of 47.02GB:

User 2 example BEFORE month change unused data is 45.24GB:

User 2 example AFTER month change unused data is 56.14GB instead of 65.24GB:

Thank you all, and please assist urgently!

I will try to reproduce and fix this bug as soon as possible

I have worked with @Nikolay on this, and his response was the following:

everything Ok, you have to know logic: rollover ONLY CAP-data, main trafic not rollover!
So on first screen: not used CAP 24.6 +20 (main data) = 44.6 as it is
second screen - 36.2 + 20 = 56.2

My response to that:

Hi Nik! Thanks for checking, however the logic does not make sense… In a capped environment we need to have main data to also rollover, as the client have paid for that data aswell… how can we make this work?

He then replied:

Hi goose, now it’s not working, but I sent it to our dev-team and I think they will fix it, so please wait

Thank you @Nikolay, I hope we can get this rollover working the way I think it should be working :slight_smile:

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Now is fixed.

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everyone needs to update to get the fix applied:

apt update
apt dist-upgrade

Alright, the new month came along but some rollover data did not run properly…

Example A that rollover was CORRECT:
Before midnight user had 29.17GB left:

After Midnight the user received the 29.17GB rollover and the monthly 20GB CAP = 49.17GB:

Example B where rollover FAILED:
Before midnight user had almost 0GB data left:

After Midnight user got 125.93GB data instead of the almost 0GB + the monthly 50GB… (Should have been only 50GB usable data):

can you sent to access to splynx (super-administrator)
(with installed splynx-adminer) and we will check

we also check another customers, and don’t see any issue like that.

Thanks, I have sent you the email with login details

After all investigations bugs not confirmed.

HI @ex,

We still have the same problem.

This screenshot was taken 2017/10/31 23:59

Conclusion: We must rollover with 60.29GB

Now this screenshot was taken 2017/11/01:

Conclusion: The user only rolled over 46.53GB

This only happens to users that uses more than the “base” monthly data.

Did you have last 2 version ? with Full CAP logs ?

Version installed:

Where can I find the CAP logs for you?

In this version you don’t have it.

Is it only in Splynx 2.0?
How do I get 2.0?

Wait, Wait, and wait…

If you are on subscription license, 2.0 is available to use. The trials are still running 1.3 till the end of 2017

Hi @alexcherry,

Thank you! How/where can we order a splynx 2.0 license?

Hi there, here is a description of how rollover should work :

Rollover expiration is set in Config -> CAP.

  1. Let’s setup rollover expiration to 2 month. (personally I think better is to do 1 month to have it clear)
  2. Customer has month CAP of 10 GB.
    In January he used 5GB, and 1st of February remaining 5 GB are moved to his TOP UP data.
  3. These 5 GB will expire 31st of March.

In real practice :

In January customer uses 5 GB, remaining 5 GB are moved to next 2 months.
in February customers uses 12 GB, he is allowed to do it, because he has 10 GB of regular CAP + TOP UP of rollover.
In March customer uses 10 GB. He was able to use 3 GB of TOP UP from rollover, but didn’t use it.
In April customer has 10 GB of his regular CAP (the TOP UP of rollover expired).

This is 2 months rollover scenario. As I wrote above, I think 1 months is better to manage/understand/explain to customers. Or other option is never expire.