Reset password link, resets service and portal passwords together

As far as I can tell currently if a user reset’s their password using the reset password via email link on the customer portal, their internet service password is also reset.

This has caused some support calls for us as users service stopped working after changing the password.

I know splynx has different password areas or service and portal, so is it possible to choose what the reset password link does?
Eg. change it so if a customer resets their password this way their service password remains the same?

If this is not possible then we can work with it, I just wanted to know.

Look, if service password is empty, as it is in 90% of cases, then the main password is used in service. So if customer changes the Splynx password, it also affects the service password.

So, how to prevent it - setup the service password, when field is not empty it has to remain unchanged after the password reset from portal.

Does it make sense ? :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alex, yes this makes sense