Recommend some effective carrier grade VoIP softswitches


I am looking for carrier grade softswitch that integrates well with splynx.

I am currently reviewing the sipwise product portfolio to meet my business model where I intend to use
a. C5 and C4 softswithces for SIP,XMPP,WEBRTC relays and TDM/PSTN via SS7 respectively with providers.
b. CPBX as cloud hosted IPPBX for enterprise customers
c. SIp:phone for both enterprise and residential clients as option for those who do not require a hardware IP phone.

Any other alternatives folks in our community are using that they would like to recommend?



We are interested also. let me know if you find a solution.

We provide DID service in an old stand alone softsowitch called IPsmartX. getting new softswitch that can integrate with Splynx wil be great.



Currently we have added PortaOne support, but personally I’m not a big fan of their products. We have added it for one project, but it’s available for public too. I would like to start checking voice softswitches during this month


Hi alex dd you now the price of the porta one switch ?


Hi Alvin, it’s very expensive, I think they charge over 100K $ one time + a lot for support.
I found these platform that we would like to test in near feature :
Asterisk in general -, as I know there is a Radius addon to it. But I will try also to grab CDR directly from it, as a2bill was doing.
Free PBX -
Elastix -
Kamailio SIP server -
Bicom Systems -

So, if anyone has feedback regarding these platforms, please feel free to share it with us


Many thanks Alex for the feedback.
I am currently digesting the Sipwise Community Edition (Sipwise CE) documentation -
Generally it has a very well thought out architecture - with very rich API.
The difference between the Sipwise CE and the Pro and Carrier edition is technical support especially with high availability and load balancing deployment scenarios. Nevertherless that is also well documented for anybody willing to get his/her hands soiled.
I will recommend looking into the Sipwise CE which integrates the good features of Kamailio, Asterisk and SEM.


There is also 3CX which is quite popular windows and cloud based PBX


Yeah, the only problem of 3CX is that it’s windows based :slight_smile:
Not sure if it’s used a lot as a SIP softswitch where WISP connects his customers, I saw it mainly as PBX office solution.