Radius server no respond

Hello, I have a question regarding the configuration of 2 services on the same mikrotik team that work with splynx radius.

I have a RB 3011 configured with 2 PPPOE and Hotspot services, each service is in a different vlan although they are in the same network port, the pppoe service works fine, I can connect without any problem, I authenticate without problem with the user created in splynx, My problem is when I try to do the same with the hotspot service, since it tells me that the radius service does not respond. For the communication MK —> Splynx add 2 Ip in the same network interfaces where the splynx is, the communication does not have any problem since I can ping the server in both directions, but even so the service tells me that the Radius server does not respond, any ideas?

pppoe and hotspot are the same user acc but have 2 logins vnunez and vnunez2 as you can see in the picture

Thank you

Hi Vicente, can you send us by ticket acces to your system, to check it?


Done! Ticket created

Hi guys, was the issue solved ?